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> Mountainbiking - welcome to our mountain bike section
Mountain biking is damn good fun. Perhaps it might have something to do with reliving ones youth, maybe its linked to the excitement of experiencing 'ground rush' as you blast out of control down narrow trails, or perhaps its the spirit of comradery you get whenever a load of friends get together to try to rid themselves of that dreaded Sunday morning hangover.

Whatever the reason, mountain biking can offer loads of cheap thrills and spills, and can knock you both into shape (it's a great cardiovascular workout and helps shed that beer gut) and out of shape (er... injuries).

As with all our sections you can take the option of either looking into how you get started or if you already know what your doing you can browse all the other stuff we've put together on mountain biking. The getting started section is sub-divided into the various disciplines available to the mountain biker, namely trails/cross-country riding, and Down Hill (DH).

A word of warning...

If you are thinking of returning to the biking scene and considering purchasing a mountain bike, don't be put off by the spandex crowd or the gear wankers (i.e. those who are more interested in the having the latest flash equipment, rather than improving their skill or fitness level). The important thing is just to get out there and have some fun, thrash a bike, and to get a good work-out.

Pros: fun, sweat, mud and blood

Cons: crashes, cost of new bikes and the fashion factor

More info...
Remember: "Shit Happens". If you go mountain biking, sooner or later you will crash. Ride at your own risk!

Danger Ratings...
Trail riding 82
Down hill (DH) 90