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>Weight loss, fat loss... some basic principles

Now when we talk of 'weight loss' what we (and pretty much everybody in the diet business) really mean is 'Fat loss"

By Ricky Mullis.

Weight loss ~ slow and steady

Let's face it, there aren't many of us who carry so much muscle around that it weighs us down and hampers our sports performance.

Our overall weight effectively consists of :- i) lean tissue (muscles, bones, internal organs, bodily fluids, etc.) ii) fat, where we can see it (around our waists, butts, legs, etc.) and where we can't (it's even hidden inside us as well).

So if we lose a little fat and gain a little muscle at the same time, our overall weight may not change at all. We really need to see how much of a love-handle we can grab to get an idea of how fat we really are (this is what our skin-fold calipers tell us).


How to lose fat is really quite a simple concept to grasp. When we eat more food (energy) than we need to complete out entire day's work, activities, bodily repair, etc. we simply store the rest away as fat. If we do this often enough then it soon builds up. The reverse is also true. If we are not eating quite as much as we need, then we call upon some of our fat reserves to help us get by*. Simple to understand, but unfortunately not quite so easy to do.

If your weight is steady and has been for a while (even if you are a bit bigger than you should be) then you are in a state of energy balance, i.e. you consume roughly what you need to for what you do. The best combination for healthy weight loss is a sensible diet (whatever that is!) and some regular activity. But by simply upping you activity level a little without changing anything about your dietary habit, you will begin to use up some of your fat reserves. So if you do have a bit of a weakness for fast-food and beer, you don't necessarily have to give it all up; but you will have to do some regular activity to compensate. This is the approach that most of here at DoctorDanger like; and as the old saying goes "if you give up everything that's bad for you, you might not live to be 100 but it'll certainly feel like it".