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>Donate blood as well as your organs !

Lets face facts, shit happens, and when it happens in the dangerous sports arena you'll stand a good chance of ending up in the hands of your friendly neighbourhood paramedic or the local coroner.

This being the case, it only seems right that we should try to manage our affairs in a sort of 'adult way' (yikes did I say that?) and work with our healthcare system in a proactive rather than reactive manner. So with this in mind perhaps you should consider donating blood, your bodily organs and make your Will. Here's how to do it...

Donate Blood

British Red Cross: tells you how and where to donate blood. I personally am not mad keen about the actual process of giving blood and sight of a needle gives me the creeps, however I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. On the plus side every now and then you may be lucky enough to be taken care of by a sexy young nurse.

National Blood Service (UK): a blood donation site with information on dates and locations where you can donate (tel: 0845 7711 711 local rate applies)

Scottish blood donation site: www.scotblood.co.uk

Donate your organs when you are finished using them...

Hmmm... it might also be a good idea to take the appropriate action so that if you do become a cropper, your bodily organs will be donated and may help some poor bugger (I pity the fella who ends up with my liver). There are many organ donation organisations accross the globe so a good starting point is to check your driving licence for information or try one of the link below.

NHS Organ Donor (UK): www.nhsorgandonor.net has an online registration form (very simple) or call 0845 6060400 and they will send you an Organ Donor Card.

See a solicitor or lawyer and make a Will (costs start at about 60 for a standard Will). It provides you with the opportunity to bequeath your assets such as your collection of 'SuperBike' magazines to your best pal, and you can also leave instructions on what to do with what's left of your corpse - now how cool is that! Hmmm... now let's see... I want to buried with my Arai motorcycle helmet, a case of Guinness and my lucky Sidi Boots! It's a good idea to have your Will up dated every few years, and especially whenever you get married, or divorced, and then married again and then divorced again...