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>Section A) Our Fitness Assessment - introducing the Guinea Pigs
Whilst routinely checking the ever increasing amount of fluff accumulating in my bellybutton... I thought that it might be a good idea for some of us at DoctorDanger to under go a fitness assessment and then be put on a specially designed training program tailored to the various dangerous sports we each participate in.
Hmmm... looking back on it now, I can't believe how stupid I was to dream up such a ludicrous thing. Cripes, I just know this whole shabang is going to involve a lot of hard work, sweat, and visits to the gym... and I was just getting used to having a beer gut as well!
A real test with real people and a few idiots

Er... this is how it works... we set out with the aim of conducting a fitness assessment on real ordinary people (and a few idiots such as yours truely) who participate in a range of dangerous sports. Once the assessment is complete our fitness advisor (Ricky Mullis) will develop a specially tailored training program for each of us which will help us preform better at our chosen sports.

I think with the exception of Neil Farrow and Mark Steele its pretty safe to say that that we are far from being in tip-top condition, and for most of us regular exercise and a healthy diet do not factor highly in our daily life-style.

As an ongoing feature, we will try and follow each of the participants for 8 weeks to see how they are getting on with the fitness program they were given and whether or not they are noticing any improvement.

Perhaps its worth mentioning that this is a real test with real people with real jobs. There are bound to be incidents where the participants will be unable to train because of stuff that crops up like business commitments & travel, stag-nights, shagging weekends, severe hang-overs... that just real life.

Introducing the Guinea Pigs
Miss Becky (age 29)  

Becky is the only girl we could find brave enough to take the test with us. She works bloody hard in the thankless task of teaching junior school kids. Probably has the most physically demanding job out of everyone tested. Becky is often seen breaking up fights between teenagers hell bent on killer each other. Hobbies: running, water-skiing and attends keep fit classes when she can. Becky said she would go mountain biking with us... I'm sure she's regretting it now. See how Becky got on with her fitness assessment (click here).

Dr. Neil (age 36)  

Dr. Neil Farrow: Hmmm... now he's a bit of a dark horse (though not the stallion that he thinks he is). Sits around all day in a laboratory playing with his particles. Hobbies: running, street luge, karate and (not very dangerously) squash. Neil is looking to have a go at this years "Tough Guy Competition". See how Neil got on with his fitness assessment (click here).

Dr. Paul (age 30)  

Dr. Paul (aka 'The Matador'): he sits on his arse all day making web pages (though not this one!). Hobbies - running (he has been known to run marathons), and he does a bit of surfing, soccer, and (not so tough) squash when he can. Paul is looking to become involved in mountain biking this year, and he will be joining us for the "Tough Guy Competition". He's currently nursing a dodgy ankle which he injured whilst pushing a pooh down the 'u-bend' of a public toilet. See how Paul got on with his fitness assessment (click here).

Chris (age 34)  

Chris: sits around all day looking for cracks anywhere he can find them, and gets paid for it. Er… Chris develops scientific measuring instruments that tell folk when the wings are about to fall off passenger aircraft (which is handy). Hobbies: motorcycling (Track days on his R1), smoking, surfing, running, and smoking. Chris is looking to return to the climbing scene (after a 1 year gap) and joining us in the "Tough Guy Competition". See how Chris got on with his fitness assessment (click here)

Dr. Andy (age circa 38)  

Andy quietly goes about his business in an ultrasonics laboratory, when he's not rebuilding one of his old motorcycles (Norton, BSA, Ducati…). Andy's hobbies revolve around motorcycling and when he's not in the pub, he's found in the garage rebuilding one of his old bikes. Andy is looking to return to racing his motorcycle/sidecar outfit after a gap of 6 years. See how Andy got on with his fitness assessment (click here).

Ricky Mullis (age 41)  

Ricky Mullis (aka Rrrriiiccckkkeeeyyy-augh!): our physiotherapist and fitness advisor (cripes, he's got his work cut out for him), and he's good with the anatomy (so the girlies tell me). Hobbies: martial arts (Shutokai), motorcycling (track days on his TL1000S), running, and a bit of surfing when he can. He is looking to get involved in some cliff jumping (into water that is) and to participate in the "Tough Guy Competition". See how Ricky got on with his fitness assessment (click here).

Todd O'Neill (our editor - physical age 37 - mental age 13)  
Todd O'Neill: Hmmm... the brains behind www.DoctorDanger.com which clearly signals that this site is doomed right from the offing. Todd's claim to fame is he once whilst staying in a hotel woke up late at night and mistook the main door for the toilet door and found himself locked-out without a stitch on.... not a pretty sight. Todd is often seen falling off motorcycles, streetluges, bolders, surfboards and bar stools. He's keen to try the 'Tough Guy' competition as well. See how Todd got on with his fitness assessment (click here).
Mark S. (aged 29)  
Mark S. - Apparently Mark enjoyed the University life so much, he retuned to it but this time as a lecher, oops, I mean lecturer. Mark's hobbies include track cycling, running, triathlon, and for something a bit more dangerous 'mountain biking'. Mark S. is seriously fit. See how Mark got on with his fitness assessment (click here).
Mark Warrender (age 31)  

Mark Warrender (aka Mr. Cool): Mark recently set up a new business, and he now spends his time advising folk on complex IT systems and sitting in traffic on the M1. Mark has the prestigeous title to be the first person to break a bone whilst wearing a DoctorDanger shirt. Yup, he did this by high-siding his street luge at Aviemore 2001 at big speed. He's also becoming addicted to hang gliding (which we'll review in due course), and he tinkers with bikes and trikes. See how Mark got on with his fitness assessment (click here).

Tim (age 34)  

Tim is a solicitor who opted for a healthier lifestyle and recently moved from South London to live in the Cheshire countryside. Unfortunately he now spends less time on his bike and more time in the office. Hobbies: running, cycling and Tim is looking to return to climbing (after about a 5 year gap), and to try his hand at mountain biking and the "Tough Guy Competition". See how Tim got on with his fitness assessment (click here).