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>Health and Fitness ~ how to get fit, loose weight, donate blood & body parts...

Perhaps the best reason to get into shape comes from some research into obesity. This showed that on average, for every 12 pounds a man is over-weight his penis is effectively shortened by half an inch due to the hanging mass of fat.

Cripes, now if that isn't an incentive to obtain your ideal weight I don't know what is!

O.K. first things first. When we talk about getting fit, we are not recommending you trade your beer and cigarettes in for a box of tofu and some spandex cycling shorts. No sir!

Basically we believe that its perfectly OK to find your own lifestyle / fitness balance. On one hand we have our desired lifestyle (which for us includes drinking vast amounts of beer) and on the other hand we need to get ourselves in a good enough state of tune to perform acceptably well in our chosen sport(s).

Basically we have found that the more fit you are, the better equipped you'll be for participating and competing in dangerous sports and activities.

According to John Buckley (Exercise Physiologist and author of 'Exercise on Prescription') "from a historical perspective, fitness has been associated with the preparation for sending men off to battle. Training regimes were set up to improve endurance, strength and mobility for the requirements of battle."

Lets be honest, if you are out of shape you are much more likely to become fatigued, and if you become tired whilst in a dangerous sports environment, you'll be much more susceptible to injury, hmmm... make that serious injury! This has been shown to be the case even in a relatively safe environment such as soccer. Taking it a step further there also the argument that the more fit you are, the quicker you will be able to return to your chosen sport after an injury.

Now fitness isn't about large biceps and pectoral muscles, and pumping iron in your garage may not be the answer. Fitness can be divided up into many different aspects, but basically there are four elements to overall fitness which are: a) muscular strength, b) muscular endurance, c) cardiovascular endurance, and d) the flexibility of muscles and joints.

A word of warning!

If its been a while since you have done any exercise, perhaps the best course of action is to go down to the local gym and book yourself in for a fitness assessment and have them put you on a fitness program which is tailored specifically to the needs of your sport. If you are seriously out of shape, the first step is to lay off the burgers and then see your doctor to make sure your heart, lungs and other internals are up to the job! Good luck.

Multi-task frame: ideal for dangerous sports and laying on sofas!