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Recently the UK became the 'Fat Capital of Europe', with a whopping 23% of the adult population categorised as obese. Cripes, it wasn't easy to clinch this coveted title, or was it?

Another interesting fact... for the first time ever, the number of overweight people in the world (approximately 1 billion) now exceeds the total number number of malnourished people (approximately 800 million).

How to get fit:

If you would like to get 'fit', perhaps the best course of action is to go down to the local gym and book yourself in for a fitness assessment and have them put you on a fitness program which is tailored specifically to the needs of your sport. If you are seriously out of shape, the first stage is to lay off the beef burgers and then see your doctor to make sure your heart, lungs and other internals are up to the job.

You may do yourself a BIG favour at this point by being brutally honest with yourself. Better still, get a friend/partner to give you an honest opinion of your health state. Research has shown that most of us regularly over-estimate how fit we are and how much real physical activity we do.


Fitness: its not easy for any of us...
Getting into shape is damn difficult, but the cool thing is that it's not just difficult for you, it's equally difficult for everyone, no matter who they are. In fact the less fit you are, the bigger gains you will make to begin with. The first time I entered into a running race, I finished in something like 250th out of a field of 255, but I'll never forget the huge amount of encouragement I received from the other runners, because they had all been there at one time and knew exactly how knackered I felt.