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> Our team Physio: Ricky Mullis
This is Ricky Mullis. It is his mission to get some of us here at DoctorDanger.com into a higher level of fitness, without making us give up our beloved chips, bacon and Guinness.

Ricky is a proper Chartered Physiotherapist, with a particular interest in exercise physiology and fitness training. He's not a fitness fascist and has even been known to quaff the odd gallon of ale too, but he is darn good when it comes to all things related to fitness. He's good with the anatomy (so the girlies tell me), he's highly skilled in unarmed combat, and he can ride the tyres off his Suzuki TL1000. Oh I almost forgot to mention, he has a funny pony tail thing on the back of his head.

It is Ricky's mission to try and get some of us here at DoctorDanger.com into a better state of fitness, which shouldn't be too hard to do because we are all starting from such an extremely low level (with the exception of Dr. Neil Farrow who is built like a fiddle and as fit as a racing snake - or something like that).