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Enduros are the long distance side of dirt biking, with cross country courses varying from a couple of miles up to 150 miles. The bikes are very similar to motocross machines but they have to be road legal (with lights fitted for example) and also be quieter than motocross bikes. Enduro bikes tend to be less highly tuned than their motocross counterparts. When you are racing for long periods of time the hard hitting power band of a motocrosser can be a liability after a long day in the saddle.

An Enduro is very similar to a car rally in that competitors set off at staggered time intervals on a pre-determined route. There are time checks and special tests similar to rally special stages. Entrants can be penalised if they fail to keep to their own time schedule or start a test too early or too late. Like Trials riding it's good value for money, as you get a lot of riding for your entry fee with events lasting up to eight hours. The winner is the rider who stays on time throughout the event and who has the fastest time in the tests.

what you'll need...
A basic enduro bike can cost from £1,000 used or from £3,000 new. All the major japanese manufacturers make enduro bikes, as do european manufacturers like KTM and Husqvarna. Enduro bikes come with four and two stroke engines and which one will suit you will depend on your riding style and budget.
Kit List
Bike £1000-£6000
Gloves £40
Body Armour £80
Tool role £50
Race Jacket £120
Race Jeans £100
Race Shirt £45
MX Boots from £100
Trailer or Van find a friend
Crash Helmet £100
Costs per race
Average race fees are about £40, you may also need tires at around £40-60 per tire. A can of fuel will be all you need.