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>Getting Started ~Trials riding

The danger rating for this sport may be about the same as peeling an orange, but the skill required is unquestioned. The aim is to complete a predetermined route (up to 70 miles), and at various points around the way, complete small obstacle sections (as many as 70) whilst keeping their feet on their foot pegs.

Competitors are penalised for failing to do this, as follows:

1 for putting a steadying foot down once,

2 for twice, up to a maximum of 5 for falling off or going outside the designated 'taped' route, (or taking longer than 3 minutes in a section, at World Championship level).

As with show jumping, the entrant with the fewest faults throughout the day is the winner. The bikes have just a single shock absorber to give more smooth progressive travel. There is improved instant power from the engine and better tyres that will provide grip in very muddy conditions and also on very hard or rocky terrain. Riders can start very young right up to retirement age.

Getting started can again be attempted by either going out and buying a bike and entering a beginners (wobblers) trial or by booking yourself onto a course. These don't seem to be too thick on the ground, but the beauty of trials is that you can enter a competition and lose with dignity but putting your feet down everywhere.

Again the ACU are the main organising body and a youth series also exists.

for more info try: Trials Action Online (UK): Dedicated to the rock hopping, balanced world of Motorcycle Trials.

what you'll need...
Kit List
Bike £500-£3000
Gloves £30
Race Jeans £100
Race Shirt £45
MX Boots from £80
Trailer or Van find a friend
Crash Helmet £70
Costs per event
  This Is Motorcycle Trials Video
A good starting point for anyone looking to get in to trials riding with basic skills covered.
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This Is Advanced Motorcycle Trials Video
Uhmm, a more advanced version of the above, featuring Steve Colley and only really required if you know what you are doing and can jump off the top of a double decker bus without permanently maiming yourself...
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