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> Welcome to the Offroad Motorcycle Section...

OK, so you are sick of roads full of traffic or you've ridden round every roundabout within a 50 mile radius, so what can you do? Get yourself off the road and onto the dirt. Offroad motorcycling offers some of the toughest and most enjoyable sport you can get on a budget.

As with all our sections you can take the option of either looking into how you get started or if you already know what your doing you can browse all the other stuff we've gathered together on riding motorbike off-road. The getting started section is sub-divided into the various disciplines available to the offroad rider, namely motocross, enduro, trials, trail and grasstrack!

A word of warning
A few years back myself and our esteemed editor found ourselves with some extra cash and too few brain cells. Whilst debating what to do with the cash we came up with the idea of buying some motocross bikes. Simple, pick up a couple of bikes for £500 each and we're off...The editor, being a man of steel insisted that we get 250cc bikes, 125cc bikes were for teenagers and women. To cut a long story short, the editor still can't remember the day we took the bikes to the track, having wiped out big-time and suffering concussion and losing the top of a finger. Remember, 10 year old kids make this stuff look easy, but they've been doing it for years and basic physics mean that 6 stone hitting dirt doesn't hurt as much as a podgy 30 something with a calcified skeleton...
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What you'll find if you take to the dirt is that it will open your eyes. Forget the fact that you can ride a fireblade round a hairpin at 120mph, this stuff will make you weep with pain and pleasure at the same time. When you drop your bike for the 20th time in a day you won't know whether to laugh or cry, but at the end of the day you'll have had a great laugh for minimal outlay...our kind of fun.
Danger Ratings...
Motocross 90
Enduro 85
Trials 65
Trail 50
Grasstrack 80