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>Welcome to the Off-road Motorcycle Hill Climb Section...
Its a shame that off-road hill climbing is not more popular in the UK because it's dangerous and is damn good fun!
Who ever it was that said... "there are old pilots, and there bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots" had obviously never seen The Red Marley which is a motorcycle hill climb for pre-1970 bikes. This event was chock full of old fellas trashing the hell out of their big valve, methanol burning bikes.

We managed to get some photos from the race day (1 April 2002), as well some video footage from an earlier practice session. In fact Alec Dorrell wore our on-board video camera and the footage we obtained gives some idea of how fast these guys were going.

A special thanks to Alec... during the practice session he lent me his killer BSA 500 (yup, an on/off throttle methanol burner) for a couple of runs up the hill. I'll bore you with the details later, but basically I could only muster 2 VERY SLOW runs before I was was too knackered to continue. Alec on the other hand (aged 67) was ripping up the hill pass after pass and was fresh as a daisy afterwards. Respect is due.

A word of warning
Yup, motorcycle hill climbing is dangerous and it requires a lot of machine handling skill. Now just because Todd O'Neill made it up the hill without wiping-out doesn't mean it's not dangerous, it just means that he got lucky.
more info...
We like off-road hill climbing. If you know of any off-road events scheduled this year, please contact us with the details and we'll enter them in our events directory.