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Offroad motorcycling can take various forms, each requiring specialised equipment and skills. There are basically five very different types of off-road biking, although some are more dangerous than others!

  • Motocross: (fast, neck and neck racing)
  • Enduros: (speedy, but following a time schedule and route card)
  • Trials riding: (slow paced, primarily balance and throttle control)
  • Trail bikes: (a little bit of all of the above, and the freedom to use the road as well)
  • Grasstrack: (short and fast - four-laps round an oval circuit)

We shall deal with each one in turn, although priority will be given to those ones which can seriously damage your health. All these activities are run by dedicated clubs, and the best way to get started is to get along to a club meeting and see if its for you. One thing we can gaurantee is that most clubs will welcome new members with open arms.

Summary of the sports....
Motocross (MX)

Motocross is probably the most manic of the offroad biking sports. For the commited and brave motocross offers a unique combination of skill and strength. Motocross is run on a track that can be range from a taped off field to a custom built supercross track. As a sport it helps to start young, and many racers from all forms of bike racing started out in the youth motocross ranks. Find out more about getting started in motocross...


Enduro riding can take place over open or closed courses and is less about outright speed and more about having a good range of skills and a high level of fitness. Enduro races can last from a few hours to six-days. Riding enduros can take alot of dedication and time, but it is hugely rewarding and there is a real sense of camaraderie among competitors. Find out more about getting started in enduros...

Trials riding
Taking the skill factor a step further are the Trials riding fraternity. These guys are all about balance and throttle control, and if you think its the easy opiton we suggest you try tackling some of the obstacles these guys ride over without putting their feet down. Britain currently has the world trials champion and a very high standard of competitors. If you're old enough to remember the Kickstart TV series you'll know all about trials riding, otherwise click here to find out more about getting started in trials....
Trail bikes
If you don't fancy getting a race licence and taking up a specialist offroad sport then think about getting a trail bike. Put simply these are road legal motorcycles optimised for riding both on and off road. Obviously they won't be as capable in the rough stuff as the dedicated kit, but they can provide endless fun searching out the hidden byways of the UK and getting to some of the countries best scenery. Click here to read more about going Trail riding...
If you are just a speed junky who wants to go as fast as possible offroad then you might like to try grasstrack. Think speedway in a field and you'll get the general idea. This is great as most people don't have use of a shale track and stadium to do speedway. Click here to get going sideways round a field...