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> Chris Walker interviewed by DoctorDanger.com

Cripes, our first Doctor Danger interview and its an exclusive, with none other than... Chris Walker (World Superbike Racer). God, its all down hill from here on...

Our editor Todd O'Neill caught-up with Chris Walker at the Off-road UK 2001 (Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire - 23 to 25 Nov. 2001). Chris who had recently signed with Kawasaki for the World Superbikes was at the show to take part in both The Fast Eddie enduro event as well as the Supermoto demonstration.

The Interview:

Todd: So Chris, what do you think about these Supermotos then? Have you had an opportunity to try them out?

Chris: Yes, I was lucky enough to stand in for Foggy earlier this year when he got injured before the Belgium round in Mettet. I kind of got dropped in at the deep end, when they phoned just a couple of days before the event and they asked if I could do it. So I showed up to the local circuit with CCM and I just had a quick go on the bike and it was real good fun.

Todd: ...and the race in Mettet?

Chris: I got stuck in there and went and did it and I mean it was brilliant! I am definetly, definetly going to some more again without a doubt!

Todd: Did you find it easy to get to grips with the Supermoto?

Chris: Up to a certain point. I mean the guys that do it professionally, they really are in a league of their own. Its easy to acclimatise to Supermoto if you have done a bit of motocross and a bit of racing, its kind of a mixture of the two. So I was pretty lucky with that, but I've still got a way to go to be able to win the race I reckon.

Todd: So what machine will you be on tomorrow?

Chris: Well tomorrow I'm mainly in the "Fast Eddie" when I'm on a KX125 or KX250, just whichever one arrives for me. And over here (the supermoto track) again it will be a KX250 with some slicks and some other bits and bobs. In Mettet I rode a CCM, and it was really, really good! But obviously, I just signed for Kawasaki so it's a little awkward because they don't make an 'out-and-out' supermoto bike unlike CCM and KTM and things, so I'll enjoy what ever I'll be on, it'll be good!

Todd: What sort of fitness training are you doing to prepare for the World Superbikes next season?

Chris: Obviously it's the time of the year when you train as hard as you can. So I'm out cycling, swimming, running or down at the gym lifting weights virtually everyday. Weather plays a part, if it's a real bad day I'll be in the gym or if it's a nice day I'll be out on the bike or running. A bit of something everyday and I ride as much off-road bikes as I can. Basically there is nothing like riding a motorbike at the end of the day.

Todd: Do you do any other dangerous activities besides the bike stuff?

Chris: Not really. Everything in my whole life revolves around motorbikes. I'm do a lot of motocross and I'm now getting the bits together for a new Supermoto bike so I'll be doing a bit more of that. Other than that I suppose I've got a downhill mountain bike but that doesn't really count because I don't compete in downhill cycling and stuff, so no not really. Its just bikes, bikes and bikes!


Other stuff

Whew. That is our first interview over with. I still can't believe I only asked Chris a couple of questions - there is so much more I want to ask him, but having said that I'm still amazed that I didn't ask him anything really stupid like "whats your favourite colour?" or er... "if you owned a flying monkey what would you name him?". I am learning... well, sort of...

Your editor...

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