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> Motorcycle racing - road based racing, circuit, tarmac, its dangerous stuff

Racing motorcycles is perhaps the most thrilling form of sport we've been involved in. It offers huge straight-line and cornering speeds, fairing bashing, tankslappers, knee-down action, and a fair bit of crashing thrown-in for good measure. It really is damn difficult to top the experience of thrashing a race prepared bike along with 19 maniacs all hell-bent on taking the checkered flag.

As with the other sections of this site you can take the option of looking at getting started, or if you all ready know what you are doing you can browse all of the other stuff we've gathered together for racing motorcycles!

A word of warning!
Racing motorcycles is one of the most dangerous forms of sport known to man, its very addictive, very time consuming and hugely expensive - trust us, we've been there. Oh ya, I almost forgot to mention, it has been known to be instrumental in the odd marriage break-up.
Remember: "shit happens"