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> Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling : from a runners perspective

Here are some photos taken by our editor Todd O'Neill when he took part in the Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake a few years ago.

Special thanks to the Master of Ceremonies for letting Todd participate in this great event and to take a few action photos!

Note from Todd: "Er, ahem, I'm sorry I was only able to get a few photos of the actual descent during the race but things happened REALLY quickly. I took a few steps at the start before I completely lost it and when things went grass, sky, grass, sky... and my finger slipped off the camera shutter button. Bummer."

Photos of The Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake from a runners perspective...
Get some advice from experienced runners
Meet with the St. Johns Ambulance crew
Going for it. Meet the Master of Ceremonies
Meet fellow runners- time to think (or not)
The rules explained
Welcome the guest to launch the cheese
You are away!
The catcher
The race is still on
The other runners
Ankle broken?
Dirty Laundry
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