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>Cheese Rolling: Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake (it's damn dangerous!)

The famous "Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake" is an ancient event which takes place annually on the Spring Bank holiday in lovely Gloucestershire (UK). We sent our editor out to take part and he returned with a plethora of scrapes, bruises, grass stains and a grin from ear to ear.

The rules of the game are simple, you show up, you chase cheese off a cliff, you tumble for a couple hundred yards, then you go to either the pub or the local hospital.

"This Cheese Rolling thing is MAD, and I still can't believe how steep the hill was either, cripes! At the start I manged to take about 6 steps before things went grass, sky, grass, sky, grass, sky... then the next thing I knew I was at the base of the hill standing next to a guy with what looked to be a broken leg. Hmmm... pretty crazy stuff really!"

Please note...

The Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake is primarily an event for the residents living near Brockworth, Gloucestershire. If you are thinking about becoming involved in the event please respect the town, its inhabitants, the rules of the game and the other players. This is a very good natured event, and everyone I met was extremely friendly and helpful.

Event Date: 26 May 2008
The next Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling is scheduled to take place on 25 May 2009 starting at noon.
A word of warning: YOU WILL BE INJURED!

Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake is dangerous and can easily result in serious injury or possibly death. When we had a go a few years ago and it seemed someone wound up being karted off in an ambulance after almost every run - and considering only 15 people participate in each run the odds of being injured are not good!

Spectators have been known to be injured as well. One year a spectator caught the round of cheese in his head and sent him tumbling down the hill where he received treatment from the paramedics. Participate at our own risk, and good luck!

Special thanks:
A special thanks to all those who gave me such great advice and useful tips before I set off. Cheers!
Doctor Danger Ratings: 85
Danger (30) 29
Skill (30) 25
Concentration (10) 10
Fitness (10) 8
Availability (10) 3
Cost (10) 10
Total 85
The rating is based advanced level participation where those who are participating set out to be the first person to reach the base of the Coopers Hill. Although it seems unlikely to get killed whilst participating in this event there is a significant risk of serious injury. Bruises and abrasions are inevitable.
Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling