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>Hillclimb for cars and motorcycles

Road-based hillclimbing in the UK is conducted on twisty paved up-hill sections of single lane roads (usually on private property) and not on purpose-built tracks with friendly gravel run-off areas. The courses are challenging, unforgiving, and in order to be successful in hillclimbing you'll need excellent machine handling skills. The machinery used in this sport vary greatly, from ordinary road going motorcycles and cars to specialised lightweight hillclimb machines a low centre of gravity and oodles of torque.

It's not uncommon to find rare classic machines as well as the odd Formula 1 car being thrashed - which is always nice...

The courses are usually about 1/4 to 1/2 a mile long and racing is conducted via timed sprints which means you won't be bashing body panels with some maniac, but you will be racing against the clock.
Our first taste of hill climbing...

I find it hard to believe why the sport of hill climbing isn't more popular. As a driver hill climbing is challenging, its exciting, its skillful, speeds can be significant (in excess of 130 mph), and with so many classes of vehicles being raced the barriers to entry are few.

Hill climbing is also a good spectator sport and it allows you to get really close to the action both on the course and in the pits. When we were filming at Shelsley Walsh (from the spectators viewing area) we were so close to the cars as they left the start line that we were pelted with bits of rubber - how cool is that! Then there is the sound... words just can't describe what a 1976 Formula 1 Tyrell sounds like when its being hammered off the start line. It's not the same as being there, but we have put together a video clip which you will be able to download of the Tyrell as it leaves the start line (click on the image on the right right). We hope you like it.

A word of warning
Hill Climbing is dangerous and the sport does have its fair share crashes. Proceed with caution and at your own risk!
Information for motorcyclists interested in Hill Climbing...

Motorcyclists: The National Hill Climb Association are the controlling body for tarmac based hillclimbing. Their website is very informative and well worth a look.

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Photogallery: Hillclimb
Hillclimbing is one of the oldest forms of motorsport and its still going strong - by heck! Just about any machine you can think of is suitable for hillclimbing, and its one of the cheepest forms of racing going.