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>Speedway: one of the best kept secrets in motorcycling!

Speedway: brakes and suspension are for wimps…

To many, the sport of 'Speedway' appears to have been caught in some sort a weird time warp, but don't be put off - this sport is cool!

A Speedway bike bares little resemblance to a modern road-going motorcycle. They are designed to have a low centre of gravity and to be very lightweight ensuring they knock-out a very healthy power to weight ratio (the engines are 500cc high compression methanol burners).

Speedway is not for wimps. Speeds are high, steering is done by sliding the rear tyre under power, the bikes have no suspension or brakes, and if you make a mistake you'll be slammed into the wall, or the shale track, or another bike…

We'll be adding more to this Speedway section in the near future, in the meantime if you would like to contact us please drop us an e-mail at Todd@DoctorDanger.com

Todd O'Neill (your editor)

A word of warning!
Speedway is dangerous sport and can result in serious injury or possibly death. Participate at your own risk!
Special thanks:
A special thanks to the guys at Staechmann Racing who let us visit their training session and take some photographs. We would also like to thank Neil Perrone and all the other racers for providing us with some real action (which included some pretty good wipeouts!).
Speedway action from Neil Perrone