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>The Tough Guy Competition: we survived it, just...

It's the famous 'Tough Guy' competition and against all odds we manged to survive with just a few scrapes, cuts, bruises, cramped muscles, twisted ankles, nettle stings, infections... "Tetanus anyone?"

The Tough Guy competition is sort of like an 8 mile long army assault course. There are a wide variety of obstacles to deal with which you'll need to climb, swim, jump, dodge, slide, and run through. If you don't like mud, barbwire, stinging nettles, narrow tunnels, hights, or swamps, then you might struggle with this very good natured event.

"At one point I fell off this high rope section, bounced off a hay bale then landed face down in the blackist, stinky-ist swamp I'd ever seen. I wouldn't have minded so much but my mouth was wide open at the time..." Todd O'Neill (your editor)

We like the Tough Guy competition a lot and we'll definitely be doing it again!

Please note... The Tough Guy competition is a charity event

The next Tough Guy Cometition is on 26 July 2009. The Tough Guy competition is a charity event in support of the 'Mr. Mouse Farm for Unfortunates'. If you would like to make a donation to the charity have a look on the Tough Guy website or send a cheque (in UK pounds) to Mr Mouse Farm for Unfortunates, Jenny Walker Lane, Old Perton, Wolverhampton, UK, WV6 7HB.

A word of warning!!!!!!!
The Tough Guy competition is dangerous and can result in serious injury or possibly death. Participate at your own risk!
Special thanks:
A special thanks to Ricky Mullis (our team Physio) who helped us get into shape for this event and acted as our team captain. Well done sir!
Here's a few tips which might help you survive the Tough Guy >
Doctor Danger Ratings: 60
Danger (30) 17
Skill (30) 15
Concentration (10) 3
Fitness (10) 9
Availability (10) 6
Cost (10) 10
Total 60