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>Tips and checklist for the Tough Guy Competition - it worked for us...

Don't be fooled, the Tough Guy competition is tough! So if you are mad keen to try this challenging event you'll need to be in good physical condition, and be prepared to receive some bruises, cuts and infections. You'll also need to accept the fact that you'll run a risk of a serious injury or death (yes really, some guy died during the event a few years back).

To enter the next Tough Guy competition register on their website...
A few tips  

If you would like to compete in the summer or winter Tough Guy event you'll need to visit the Tough Guy website ... click here for a registration form and other info. The Tough Guy site and information pack have loads of useful information to help you prepare for the event.

Having completed the Tough Guy event we have compiled the following information which you might find useful.

Register early...
Train long before the event: we will be doing...
The night before the event...
Our checklist for the Tough Guy competition (Summer Event)
Long sleeve shirt and shorts:
Gloves: a good option
Cross-country shoes and socks
Racing number and 6 pins
Disclaimer form for registering - compete at your own risk!
Suntan lotion
You'll smell like a baboons slipper so bring shower stuff and a change of clothes
After the event celebrate over a few beers and compare injuries