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> Going to Spain? Heres a few phrases which might come in useful, er but then again...


The Doctor Danger guide to Spanish

Beers: "Two beers please": dos cervezas por favor (sounds like: dos ther-be-thas por fa-bor)

Wine: "Two bottles of wine please": dos botella de vino por favor (sounds like: dos bo-tel-ya de bee-no por fa-bor)

Bar: "Which is a good bar?": que bares buenos hay? Beer: (sounds like: ke ba-res bwe-nos aee)

Drink?: "What would you like to drink?": que quieres de beber? (sounds like: ke kyer-es de be-ber)

Toilets: "Where are the toilets": donde estan los aseos (sounds like: don-de es-tan los a-se-os)

Bum wad: "Please bring toilet paper": me trae, por favor papel higienico (sounds like: me tr-ye por fa-bor pa-pel eekh-yen-ee-kp)

Danger: "Is it dangerous?" es peligroso? (sounds like: es pe-lee-gro-so)

Cheese: "Do you have cheese?"; tiene questo (sounds like: tyen-e ke-so)

Name: "My name is..." soy... (sounds like: soy...)

Pill: "I'm on the pill": estoy tomando la pildora (sounds like: es-toy tom-an-do la peel-do-ra)

Shower: "Would you like to take a shower?" quieres darte una ducha? (sounds like: kyer-es dar-te oo-na doo-cha)

Hospital: "where is the hospital?": donde esta el hospital? (sounds like: don-de es-ta el os-pee-tal)

?: "I don't understand": no entiendo (sounds like: no en-tyen-do)

Pooh: "Have you something for diarrhoea?": tiene algo para la diarrea (sounds like: tyen-e al-go pa-ra la dee-ar-re-a)

Feeding: "I'm breastfeeding": estoy dando de mamar (es-toy dan-do de ma-mar)

Sorry: perdon (sounds like: per-don)

Engine: "The engine is overheating": el motor se calienta (sounds like: el mo-tor se kal-yen-ta)