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>Running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain (San Fermin)

For those who like to fill their trousers - here's a little recipe, which we think will be sure to please. Take 600 kilos (120 stone) of muscle in the form of a large mad bull. Ensure it's a good quality bull that has been specifically bred to be fast, viscious and have armour-piercing horns. Then let the bull loose together with some of his unsympathetic 4 legged meaty friends. Proceed by letting the bulls chase you through the narrow streets of Pamplona - but not before you put on adequate protection which in this case is a pair of running shoes, a rolled up newspaper, white cotton trousers, shirt and of course a red bandana and sash to attract the bulls attention.

"Its just one of those things I just had to do! The problem is that it was such a fantastic experience and the people so friendly and welcoming that I must go again. The people in Pamplona are great!"

A word of warning!

Running with the bulls in Pamplona is very unpredictable, increadibly dangerous and can easily result in serious injury or death. Run at your own risk!

If it's the sort of activity you must do - bear in mind that our political friends in Brussels are trying to stop activities like this, so it may not be around for ever.

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Just in case you were wondering, no we did not attend any bullfights - it is not our sort of thing. The way we see it (whether rightly or wrongly) is that it's OK for us to run with the bulls because they are faster and meaner than we are and, during the run at least, the bulls are well and truly in the drivers seat. The runners are unarmed, unlike the bulls who have armour piercing horns, and they react a lot quicker than humans. If a bull wants to gore or trample someone - that's his choice and it's all part of the game. OK thats it, case closed. No e-mails please.
Doctor Danger Ratings: 86
Danger (30) 30
Skill (30) 29
Cncentration (10) 10
Fitness (10) 8
Availability (10) 1
Cost (10) 8
Total 86