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>Unusual sports and other dangerous events section

Welcome to the 'Other Events' section of the site. Here we provide information on some of the other dangerous sports and activities that we could not fit into the main section of the site.

We hope that you find the information in our site useful because it's from our own personal experiences.

While some of the other extreme sports websites report on dangerous sports and activities from the sidelines, we actively participate, then report on things in an unbiased way. We'll provide information on how we got involved in the sport (which covers everything from purchasing and or building the equipment required), we'll list organisations that assisted us, we'll report on our successes and failures (our failures can be spectacular), and we'll keep you updated on what we learned along the way.
Winter stuff (skiing and snowboarding mainly)
DoctorDanger.com try-out for the Olympic Bob Skeleton Team (UK)
Hang Gliding with Mark Warrender
How to survive "Royal Shrovetide Football" in Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Speedway: Motorcycle Racing
How to survive "The Tough Guy Competition" (Staffordshire UK)
How to survive "The Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake" (Glouscestershire)
Hillclimbing for Car and Motorcycles
How to survive "Running with the Bulls in Pamplona" 6 to 14 July (every year)

Rally Experience... developing a taste for thrsahing cars....