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Hmmm... at Doctor Danger we recognise that there is much more to life than being sensible. In order to live life you've got to er... live life, and for us that means we've got to let our hair down from time to time, do some stupid things and have some fun.

We have found that participating in dangerous sports and putting your life at risk is in no way an intelligent or a sensible thing to do, however it most certainly makes us feel alive, and whew-boy is it fun!

The purpose of this site isn't to encourage you to become involved in dangerous sports (that's a decision you'll have to make entirely on your own), however if you are mad keen on trying dangerous sports, you may find some of the information in our site useful because it's from our own personal experiences. While some of the other extreme sports websites report on dangerous sports and activities from the sidelines, we actively participate, then report on things in an unbiased way. We'll provide information on how we got involved in the sport (which covers everything from purchasing and or building the equipment required), we'll list organisations that assisted us, we'll report on our successes and failures (our failures can be spectacular), and we'll keep you updated on what we learned along the way.

We have met a lot of great people through the various dangerous activities we've been involved in, and I'm constantly amazed at the camaraderie amongst the fellow participants. Perhaps the best example I can think to demonstrate this sense of camaraderie is with 'Running with the Bulls in Pamplona'. There in instances where a runner has been injured, fallen or trapped against the wall by a bull, it is common for other runners to put their own lives at risk as they try to 'distract' the bulls attention so that others can free the defenseless runner. That for me is what it is all about and that is the sort of spirit which is sadly lacking in the world of professional sports.

Well, that's my bit done with, I hope you like the site. Oh, and if you'd like to submit any info, photos, comments whatever, just send us an e-mail any old time.

Good luck

Your editor.... Todd O'Neill

A word of warning!
Remember 'shit happens'. If you participate in dangerous sports or dangerous activities sooner or later you will be injured or killed. Read our disclaimer - take care and good luck.
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