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>Our Projects - building a kit car, restoring old dirt bikes, gravity bike...
Welcome to the projects section. This bit of the site is all about us demonstrating our mechanical ineptitude and boundless enthusiasm for lost causes. Please don't write to us complaining that we are doing this stuff wrong, we know we are, we hope you just learn from our mistakes. Our moto could be "cheap thrills" so here we are more interested in doing things that return maximum bangs per buck - you won't find any titanium nuts and bolts but hopefully you will be able to undertake a project like this without having a private income..enjoy!
  Building a kit car...Most of us have at some point in our life had to listen to some bearded fella in a pub rattle on to his mate about those Lotus 7 style kit cars performing like nothing on earth. "Oooohhh, it'll do 0 to 60 mph just like that (he clicks his fingers), and being sooooo low to the ground nothing on the road can keep up with it in corners, and it's sooooo light that he has to achor the car down or it'll blow away on windy days. Well we've decided to see if there is any truth in these stories and has set out to see if he can build a track day Kit Car with a budget of £3000! read more...
  Gravity Bikes are a relatively new thing to the gravity sports scene. Some of the Streetluge guys from the USA told us that Gravity Bikes go like heck, are cheap to build and are good and dangerous. Well, it sounds like these Gravity Bikes were worth further investigation, so we asked Dr. Neil Farrow if he was interested in a little project. We asked him if he could build a competitive Gravity Bike, test it at high speed, and if he survives, then race it at Aviemore in 2002. Neil replied, "O.K. I'll do it ha ha, and I'll build a really cool one with flames on it and everything. Er... what's a Gravity Bike look like again? We will be keeping you informed of Neil progress, during every stage of the Gravity Bike's design, production, manufacture, and testing. No doubt we'll also provided details of how fast it goes, and what it's like to crash one. read more....
  Why just buy a used motocross bike when you can build one from a box of bits? Well the simple fact is that whether an off-road bike is together or in bits it will usually be for sale only when something is seriously wrong with it. To add a little twist we decided that buying a modern motocross bike was to easy. We decided to fulfil our childhood fantasies and get a few seventies twinshock machine as projects. .read more>