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>Project CR125

Ok, so the only thing we haven't tried yet is buying a bike at auction. So we trotted along to HJ Pugh in Ledbury to see what we could find. Sadly everything else was out of our meagre budget - except a tasty looking CR125 - wow, its a twinshock, so why not get another one to accompany our Project RM. Hey, it made sense at the time...

OH, the inhumanity...
The costs so far...
and here's the plan...
1 Get the Bike...
2 Strip It
3 Clean it
4 Paint it
5 Engine
6 Suspension/wheels
7 Test it
8 Race it
9 Costs and Parts
You can't resist it can you, sitting there all neglected and unloved, you've got to try to bring it back to former glories before some nasty man in a van crates it away and breaks it into a thousand pieces
What we learnt this time...  
When buying at auction, don't assume that its going to be a bargain. You walk in with a pocket full of cash and exit with a project requiring another great wodge of the stuff. Yes you can swell with pride as you walk up to the cashier, a few nods and a wink to the auctioneer and you've snagged yourself a bargain...only when you try to wheel it away everything is seized solid.