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>Project 2B: Install the Engine

Having dragged the lump out of the donor we now get to fit it into the 2B chassis. This time we take the sensible option and borrow an engine hoist...

Fitting the engine looks straightforward. We chose not to fit the front suspension and wheels, more because of timing (i.e. we only had the hoist for the weekend) than any sound engineering principles.

Installing the Engine
Well for a start you need to remove the passenger side engine mounting arm to actually get the engine into the chassis and transfer the rubber engine mounts from the donor to the 2B chassis, oh yeah and take off the fan. We decided that as the engine had been running well that we shouldn't mess about with it too much, obviously now is the time to fix any stuff that you know is wrong, but we'll just cross our fingers.

The costs so far...

























What we learnt this time...  

With the right tools any job is easier. OK time is money and all that, but the engine hoist makes this job a cake walk. OK just bolting the engine in isn't going to win us any prizes, but at least its starting to take shape - rear wheels, an engine we're almost there...