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>Project 2B: Strip the Donor

The time has come to start wielding the grinder and getting the major components off our donor car...

First up, we decided to remove the engine, it's big and heavy and while the wheels are on the donor we can move it around and get the engine into the workshop and then move the shell outside where we can strip the rest of the bits.

First things first though, get a Haynes manual for the Sierra and you'll find it much easier to strip with a bit of prior research. We got ours for £3 from a second hand bookshop.

Removing the engine
Hey, why make things easy. As we are doing this on a budget we felt it might be a better reflection of the home mechanic if we tried to simulate the typical home workshop Loosely translated this means we are too tight to buy an engine hoist (around £160) for a one off job. So could we get the engine out without a hoist, well brute force is always a good substitute...
Removing the rear sub-frame and front suspension
After the engine we thought this would be easy, and if you follow the right procedure it is, although it is pretty heavy the main effort is disconnecting the brakes/handbrake etc. The front macpherson struts are also needed for the rear subframe of the kit so these need to be removed and dismantled completely. With the struts dismantled, you need to remove (grinder/hacksaw) the closed end, remove the fluid and the shafts. Be careful doing this as there is a large quantity of nasty suspension fluid inside the strut body. The shatfs are used in the front suspension. The bottom half of the macpherson strut is inverted and forms the top of the spring mount for the rear subframe. We did say that the kit finds innovative uses for the donor parts.


The costs so far...


What we learnt this time...  

Get an engine hoist...beg or borrow one as it will make the job easier. If not, it can be done, but you'll need the hoist to install the engine in the 2B chassis anyway.