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>Project 2B: Watching the instruction videos...

The Robin Hood 2B comes with a "unique" set of four instructional videos. These are part of the Robin Hood experience. Defiantly low tech and obviously edited on the fly they provide a unique insight into the mind of the 2B's creator...

To give you a flavour of the tapes, here is some sample dialogue (from memory, we can't find it on the tape again - a common experience):

presenter: " is it on..... cameraman"
(note the cameraman is a woman...)

phone rings, recording stops

presenter: " can you see this..."

cameraman (reluctantly): " yes..."

and on and on in this vein, for 12 hours....Other highlights include the proprietors Rottweiller (who you will have met on collection day, threatening any non authorised personnel a.k.a. the local kids), If you ever wondered who bought those £50 video titling kits from Dixons, then look no further - lime green is obviously the default background and if that doesn't give you a headache, the third generation copy flicker on some parts of the video will.

All that said the presenter does have a certain presence and I guess that producing a build Book is not economic given the scale of the project - and we can tell you that writing all this stuff up is not easy or fun.

All in all the videos are a useful, if cumbersome, addition to the kit...now, where was that part on building the bonnet, damn, the missus has taped Eastenders over it. Note that know index guide comes with the tape, although several dedicated 2B websites have listings for different versions, see RHOCAR.org.uk for more info

We can't bring ourselves to watch any more...

The costs so far...



What we learnt this time...  

Prepare for a video fest and to irritate your wife/husband beyond the bounds of reason. We suggest a video recorder and TV in the garage if you want to save your relationship..