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>Project Pursang

Ah, you see, we had some budget left over from buying the CR125, so we figured we could acquire something a little more exotic...

Welcome to the beast
The costs so far...
and here's the plan...
1 Get a Bike...
4 Paint it
5 Seat
6 Engine
7 Frame and Suspension
9 Race it
This is what we are aiming for...
Bultaco UK
Bultaco Models
Bultaco Parts Australia
Bultaco West (USA)
VIVA! Espaņa - spanish bike site
Uh, this is where a little prior knowledge would have come in handy - the frame is from a 125 and the engine from a 370 and the forks are broken - rearrange these words for the answer: coming, they, you, saw
What we learnt this time...  
Never give me money, I just end up spending it on lost causes.