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> Stand-up skateboarding racing - it's very dangerous stuff!

Stand-up skateboard racing is fast, dangerous and requires testicles the size of watermellons!

One day Chalky decided to put his streetluge to one side in order to try his hand (or wrist) at it...

Afterwards we interviewed him (in a pub) and asked "should we have a go at this 'stand-up' business as well?"

Here's what he had to say...

What you'll need...
Stand-up boards are pretty easy to obtain from your local shake shop. Crashing is all part of stand-up so wear good quality racing leathers with armour fitted.
Kit List
Board £150
Gloves £30
Race leathers £200 to £500
Crash helmet £100 upwards
Shoes (consumable) £40 upwards
Armour from £30
Transport (easy) just petrol money
Equipment: is for the most part easy to come by. Some of the advanced level guys opt for these aerodynamic helmets. Very cool.

Chalky: "NO! DON'T DO IT!"

"The thing about it is... you know ya think street luging is fast, ya... but as soon as you stand-up on a board and you are doing like 40mph down the road, you suddenly realise what a vunerable position you are in like. So I tried to brake and I put my foot down and then I TOTALLY LOST IT and it spat me off and I bounced down the road and landed on my wrist and that was it.

It really, REALLY hurt!"

Chalky: "Well my wrist basically, well my hand went right back like that - and I knew there was a problem and I thought shit, shit, shit! And then the guys I was with said "have you broken your wrist?" and I said "no, I'm all right". I then got on a street luge and went 65mph down this other road."

"It seemed all right. So I went to the pub, had a couple of beers, went home, went to bed and when I got up, my hand was swollen like this... I thought shit! So I went to the accident and emergency and was there until 4:00 in the morning, and it was really bad news"

Todd: "Hmmm... so, was your wrist broken?"

Chalky: "Ya, it was broken but I didn't have a cast, because I would have been in this position where I couldn't do anything. So I got this wrist strap on it so 2 weeks later I was back on the luge again."