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>Streetluge accident: we interview Dr. Pete Love
Buttboard Accident ~ Dr. Pete Love interviewed...  
We caught up with a very bruised Pete Love to ask him what happened during a recent crash he had with Bob Schwartz when racing buttboards in New Hampshire (USA).  
"So, uh… Pete, we hear that poor Bob has a broken leg and you're limping around here like uh… something that limps a lot… so what happened?"  

"I guess we were going about 40 or 50 (mph), but we were really pushing it. It was me, Andy Lally (and Andy pulled a bit of a lead on us), Chris McBride was right behind me, and Bob was just behind him.

I came into this turn, which is borderline braking, but the road really drops and is kind of off-camber and basically the back end of the buttboard just pitched out like that (Pete then jerks his hand round a bit). So Chris McBride saw what was happening in time so as to go around me, but Bob was chasing him and right on his tail. As Chris moved left Bob kept going forward so by the time Bob came up to me I had hit the bales, bounced off the bales and landed on the road right in front of him. He's going 45 mph and that was it.

There was a bang when the two buttboards hit each other, which they could hear at the start line, which was like a half-mile away. I ended up lying in the bales going 'OK I have got some pain throughout my spine, this is really bad.' I'm pretty sure it was his foot, which pressed up against my buttboard or back.

I was bruised but Bob had a fracture, which ran up his tibia. If he had hit me like that on a luge I'm quite sure I wouldn't be able to walk ever again. I spent quite a long time in hospital strapped to a backboard thinking about that. Ha.. ha..."