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> Streetluge racing

Streetluge is a relatively new sport, which is sort of road-going version of the traditional ice luge. Streetluges are non-motorised and rely on the good old force of gravity as a means of power. On big mountain roads streetluges can reach speeds in excess of 80 mph and since they don't have any form of suspension and are only a fraction of an inch off the ground they provide the rider with a tremendous sensation of speed.

We at DoctorDanger like streetluging a lot, but before you venture into this sport we would like to stress that its a very dangerous sport and we've made almost as many trips to the hospitals as we have race meetings.

Racing a streetluge is damn good fun. The action is often very close and there are all sorts of bumping, drafting, drifting, speedwobbles, highsides, it's got it all. Oh... and the wipeouts are top. In fact there are few sports that offer such thrilling action for such a relatively small cash outlay.

We at Doctor Danger like streetluging. We like it a lot.

As with all our sections of this site you can take the option of either looking into how you get started or if you already know what your doing you can browse all the other stuff we've gathered together on streetluge and other gravity sports. The getting started section is sub-divided into the two main disciplines available to those interested in street luge, namely classic streetluge (i.e. butt boarding) and streetluge.

A word of warning!
Although streetluging may look like kid stuff, its damn dangerous and people have been killed streetluging. Most of the guys I streetluge with have suffered some form of injury ranging from elbow bones poking out through the skin (yes, that involves high speed crashes which wear through motorcycle leathers and armour) through to concussions, and broken fingers and mashed ankles. Hmmm... please proceed with extreme caution...
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Streetluging and buttboarding can give you a better appreciation for gravity. I still find it amazing that my luge can top 70mph and I can quite happily run it flat-out without having to worry about the cost of blowing up engines.

In fact that little voice in the back of my head that used to say " Cripes, the engine is gonna blow-up it you keep doing this..." now says... "Don't brake for that corner, do not brake, keep the momentum..."

Doctor Danger Ratings...
The rating below incorporates the criteria of a) element of danger, b) skill level required, c) concentration level required, d) fitness level required, e) easy to get started and f) cost to get started (incl. equipment).
Streetluge 79
Buttboard 87
Stand-up (its scary) 93
Gravity Bikes 75
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