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Supermotos are manic. Sometimes referred to as Supermotard, this form of motorcycle racing is conducted on tracks made up of both on-road and off-road sections.

Restricted to single cylinder engines, Supermotos can be modified moto-x bikes (2 stroke racers like Honda CR's or Kawasaki KX's) or 4 stroke factory supermotos (such as CCM, KTM, Husqvarna, Vertemati...) giving them dual terrain capabilities. With a mixture of terrain, this form of racing favors riders with skill and talent rather than the person on the fastest or most powerful machine. Supermoto is damn cool and offers lots of close racing, rear wheel steering, wheelies, stoppies and smiles.

As with the other sections of this site you can take the option of looking at getting started, or if you all ready know what you are doing you can browse all of the other stuff we've gathered together for racing supermotos!

A word of warning

Racing supermoto motorcycles is a very dangerous sport. If you participate in this sport you will most certainly suffer some sort of injury (perhaps serious/fatal).

Before you attempt this sport we strongly recommend you take lessons from a qualified supermoto instructor. Read our disclaimer.

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The supermoto racing scene is continuing to gain in popularity. We will continue to bring you information on how to get started in supermoto, where and when events will be held, together with a few tip and helpful hints from riders.
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