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>Surfing - information to help you get started

Surfing is challenging, it requires a high level of skill, and is damn cool. It's just you and your board, set out to contend with the pounding surf. Surfing puts you in direct contact with the immense power of the wave that at times can throw you around as if your body was weightless: it can hold you under and squeeze the breath from your lungs. Its serious stuff and gives you a healthy respect for good old Mother Nature.

As with all the sections of DoctorDanger.com you can take the option of either looking into how you get started or if you are already an experienced surfer you can browse all the other stuff we've gathered together on surfing.

A word of warning!

Surfing is a lot more physically demanding than most people think. Before you go surfing do some regular exercise get yourself in shape in order to build power and endurance. If you become fatigued while in big surf you'll be a goner!

Surfing can also be a very dangerous and every year loads of beginners as well as experienced surfers are seriously injured or killed while surfing. Don't underestimate the power of the surf. Loads of surfers have died, had spines snapped, and a whole host of nastiness happen to them as a result of the pounding surf, strong rips, unforgiving rocks, coral and so on.

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When surfing you'll quickly find that nothing is given away. In order to catch a wave you have to earn it. That requires putting in a lot of physical effort, which makes the experience of catching and surfing a wave very rewarding. The unpredictable nature of the surf also adds to the appeal of surfing. When you are floating on your board waiting for a good set of waves to arrive, it provides a peaceful moment to either think about life, enjoy the sunshine (or rain), or have a friendly chat with some of the other surfers. Oh, and we also like surfing because it's challenging. It also requires a high level of skill, it's a hell of a workout, it's affordable (there are no engines to destroy), uh we drink lots of beer when we have finished surfing, and um girls find surfers sexy. We at DoctorDanger.com like surfing, we like it a lot!