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How to survive a wipeout!

Surviving a wipe out is one thing and avoiding a wipe out is another. You might be able to avoid a serious wipeout all together by never entering dangerous or unknown waters without first doing some research to find out about the unique or hidden dangers. Local surfers, surf shops or life guards can be excellent sources of information so ask them.

Surviving a wipe-out:

When falling try to put some distance between you and the board so it doesn't hit you.

Take a good breath before you hit the water - you could be under for some time.

As you go under curl up your body and use your arms to protect your head and face as you may get hit by the board, or collide with rocks, coral, sharks teeth or other solid stuff. Exhaling slightly can help prevent the water (at high pressure) from entering your nostrils. Its probably a good idea to keep your mouth shut and teeth clenched as this will prevent you from cutting your tongue and if your head or jaw takes a big klonk.

Keep you eyes closed initially, but it might be useful to open them when things calm a bit so you know which direction to swim up to the surface.

When surfacing quickly grab your leash, find your surfboard and if the surf is crashing get the hell out of there!

If you are injured or need assistance signal for help immediately and stay with your surfboard!